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Dear Members and friends of the Prayer Book Society

First of all, please accept my apologies for another eNewsletter only a week after the last one. We realise that you don’t want to be overwhelmed with a flurry of emails, and in normal circumstances these will be far less frequent; but these circumstances are far from normal.

Last week, we circulated a list of what we, and the churches concerned, hoped would be regular daily or weekly streamed services according to the BCP. Since then, there has been a flurry of different instructions from the Government, the Archbishops and the Dioceses, as a result of which most clergy have had to stop broadcasting online from their churches; many are doing so from their vicarages instead.

We have now amended the information on our website, and we will continue to try and keep it updated as everything continues to change.

Please click here for the current list of online streamed BCP services

We are extremely grateful to Bradley Smith (of the Chichester Branch) who has volunteered to maintain this information, and make sure it is as comprehensive as possible. Please click here to e-mail Bradley directly with additions or amendments.

A note on watching Facebook videos if you are not on Facebook

A number of you have been in touch to say that you do not have a Facebook account, and ran into trouble when trying to watch videos that were being streamed via Facebook.

I can confirm that it IS possible to do this without being logged into Facebook, but please note the following points:

  • For each service listed, we have provided a direct link to the relevant web page (which in these cases will be a Facebook page). Please click on the link to be taken straight there.

  • If the video is being streamed via Facebook, you WILL have to watch it via the Facebook website: no way around that, I’m afraid!

  • You may see a banner at the bottom of the page, encouraging you to sign into or join Facebook. This is a suggestion from Facebook and not a requirement: YOU CAN SIMPLY IGNORE THIS BANNER, which will disappear while you are watching the video.

Praying that you are all keeping safe and well,

Prudence Dailey

Image: Interior of St Simon Zelotes, London


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