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If you know of a church with BCP services which is not currently listed on our website or if our details are out of date, you can help us out by submitting the details to the website. To do this, for new Churches please click on ‘Submit a BCP Service’ (on the left-hand side of this page), or to correct an existing church , find your church in the database and click the 'Modify Details' button.

The modify and new service options will send a copy of your suggested changes to our website moderator who will make the necessary changes to the listing. The updates are done on a monthly basis, so do allow some time for the changes to appear online. 

Service Finder

Please note that we are dependent on volunteers around the country to maintain this information.

We therefore cannot, unfortunately, guarantee these details to be fully comprehensive or always up to date, but we do our best.

You may be able to find additional information, an official website listing every church in the Church of England with maps, contact information, service times and other details. To search for Prayer Book services, click on "Advanced Search" and then "Find Events". In the "Keyword" box, type suitable search terms e.g. "BCP", "Book of Common Prayer", "1662" - for the fullest results, you should try each of these keywords in turn. Please note, however, that the results will still not be comprehensive, since they will depend on the information provided by each church.

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