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A Field Guide to the English Clergy (57)

A Field Guide to the English Clergy (57)

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'A Field Guide to the English Clergy' by Fergus Butler-Gallie

"Judge not, that be not judged". This timeless wisdom has guided the Church of England for
hundreds of years, fostering a certain tolerance of eccentricity among its members:

The ‘Mermaid of Morwenstow' excommunicated a cat for mousing on a Sunday. When he
was late for a service, Bishop Lancelot Fleming commandeered a Navy helicopter. ‘Mad
Jack' swapped his surplice for a leopard skin and insisted on being carried around in a
coffin. And then there was the man who, like Noah's evil twin, tried to eat one of each of
God's creatures…

‘Entertainingly erudite…But it is also…a surprisingly profound work…For all its mischief,
Butler-Gallie’s work of lightly worn erudition is a paean to a great English institution, finely
tuned to the temper of its representatives, good, bad and indifferent. We should treasure it
(Literary Review)

‘The Church of England has produced some real oddballs in its time, and this is an
entertaining gallop through several centuries’ worth of them…Butler-Gallie has done his
homework, digging out some rare gems…This is the story not just of eccentrics, but also of a
leisured age that is no more.’
(Harry Mount Spectator)

‘This is a ridiculously enjoyable book: funny, compassionate, and wonderfully well-written.’
(Tom Holland)

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