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Sister Societies

The Prayer Book Society of Canada
The Prayer Book Society of the USA
The Scottish Prayer Book Society

The Church of England

Home page
The Book of Common Prayer online
A Church Near You
An official website listing every church in the Church of England with maps, contact information, service times and other details.

Dioceses of the Church of England

The following Dioceses have reciprocal links to the Prayer Book Society on their websites:
St. Albans

Prayer Book Resources
A website aiming to promote Choral Evensong by making it easy to search for services across the British Isles. Using just a place name or postcode one can find relevant information about cathedrals, churches, the type of choir, weekly service schedules, music lists, and contact details.

The 1662 Book of Common Prayer website
An "unofficial" site maintained by a volunteer in the USA, Lynda Howell, containing the full texts of the Book of Common Prayer, available to search and to download in several different formats.

Merbecke's Communion service setting
Merbecke's well-known setting of the Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion service is no longer readily available in print. This edition by Stephen Trahair is freely available for general use.

BCP iPhone App
Developed in the USA, this App contains Morning and Evening Prayer from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, plus Midday Prayers and Compline from the Canadian 1962 edition of the BCP. It automatically determines the correct collects, lessons and Psalms for the day, based on the English 1922 lectionary.

Other Organisations

Online Anglican resources - The Book of Common Prayer
A US-based site with links to the texts of Books of Common Prayer, and related works, from all over the Anglican Communion.

Lectionary Central
A Canadian site devoted to the study of the Prayer Book lectionary.

Cambridge University Press
Publishers and copyright holders of the Book of Common Prayer.
A resource containing a variety of texts from the Books of Common Prayer of England, Scotland and the USA.

Tyndale Society
A scholarly society for those interested in the works and influence of William Tyndale.

English Clergy Association
Exists to support all Clerks in Holy Orders in their Vocation and Ministry within the Church of England as by law established; to uphold the Parson's Freehold within the traditional understanding of the Church's life and witness; to oppose unnecessary bureaucracy in the Church; to monitor legislative and other processes of change; and to promote in every available way the good of English Parish and Cathedral life and the welfare of the Clergy.

Save our Parsonages
Opposes the Church of England's sale of its traditional rectories and vicarages.

The West Gallery Music Association
An informal group of singers, instrumentalists and scholars. They share an interest in the sacred music, psalmody and hymnody, and the secular music and dance of the men and women who performed from the west galleries of parish churches, in chapels, and around the towns and villages of England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although the association is non-denominational, singing in Church of England parish churches is normally as part of a prayer book service.

The association includes about thirty "quires" spread throughout England, and one in USA (MA), and one in Australia (NSW).

Lasting Post
A resource to help people address the very difficult subject of death, including making personal arrangements for use after your own death, and what to do when a loved one dies. Includes information about the Prayer Book funeral service.

Campaign for the Traditional Cathedral Choir
Champions the ancient tradition of the all-male choir in Cathedrals, Chapels Royal, Collegiate Churches, University Chapels and similar ecclesiastical foundations.

The Choir of St John's College, Cambridge
Includes a facility to listen online to webcasts of Choral Evensong according to the Book of Common Prayer.

Anglican Works
A collection of downloadable resources including works from several areas of interest to Anglicans such as The Book of Common Prayer, The Thirty-Nine Articles, The Church and General Anglicanism, as well as a Miscellany section encompassing books on history, the Creeds, and Anglican belief.

The BCP around the world
A variety of information sources about the BCP, as used around the world.

Choral Evensong
A website promoting Choral Evensong in churches across Britain and Ireland, including a Choral Evensong service finder.