A Prayer Book Funeral?

The Prayer Book Society produces a free leaflet, available as a download, to tackle the question ‘How do I ensure that my funeral (or one for which I am responsible) is a ‘Prayer Book Funeral?’

This leaflet, written by the Revd Neil Patterson, first addresses clergy who are asked to prepare for a Prayer Book Funeral. He points out that the Funeral Service as used by many generations of
Anglicans has been authorised in Common Worship Pastoral Services (2nd edition, 2005). This is the version that became widely used as the 1928 Prayer Book Revision. The 1662 service is also legal and available to use!

The leaflet carefully explains to clergy who may be ignorant of or prejudiced against the Prayer Book how the services can be adapted to crematorium use and has
provided ‘sample orders of services’ with careful references to make the options crystal clear.

Neil Patterson also tackles the sensitive issues surrounding planning your own funeral and the issues faced by bereaved relations. The leaflet ends with these wise words: ‘it may be said that the whole spirit of the Prayer Book service is one of simplicity and humility before our Redeemer and Judge—those who ask for it will probably not want sentimental remembrances or optimistic
assertions about their goodness, but rather to have their mortal remains committed to destruction, confident that as sinners they are redeemed by grace, and shall rise to glory on the Last Day.

Download the leaflet

Printed copies can be obtained free of charge by contactint the office or by email to