Resources for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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A Form of Spiritual Communion Following the Book of Common Prayer

An article on the use of the BCP in domestic devotion (previously published in Faith & Worship):
'A Treasure of Christian Devotion':
The Book of Common Prayer and Domestic Piety in Georgian England
by Andrew Braddock

A companion piece to the above, written especially with the current situation in mind:
The Book of Common Prayer and its Domestic Use Today
by Andrew Braddock

Prayers for Home Use
Extracted from the 1928 Prayer Book of the Episcopal Church of the USA

An article on the blog Laudable Practice:
Common Prayer in an Uncommon Time

And finally.... We are unable to confirm or deny any claim that Richard Stilgoe's Mrs Beamish may be a member of the Prayer Book Society:
Mrs Beamish