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Jon Riding

Jon Riding lives in Sherborne, Dorset and worships at Sherborne Abbey. For much of the last 30 years he has served as a translation consultant with the Bible Societies, specialising in computational linguistics. He is a visiting researcher at Oxford Brookes University (Computing and Mathematical Sciences) and an Assistant Lecturer at Sarum College (Biblical Languages & NT Theology). His acquaintance with the Book of Common Prayer began as a young chorister, was strengthened by time as a Lay Clerk at Chester Cathedral and over many years thereafter as an Organist & Choirmaster in Devon and Wiltshire. He is the co-editor of the Wessex Psalter.

30+ years of travelling the world working with Bible translation teams, most often in sub-Saharan Africa, has given him the broadest perspective on the worship and life of the wider church and has served to bring into sharp focus the beauty of the Book of Common Prayer, the continuity it represents and its strength as a unifying force in the (Anglican) communion. At a time when growing numbers of younger people in the UK are learning to appreciate the Prayer Book, particularly in the context of Choral Evensong in colleges and cathedrals, he is passionate about engaging with this new generation of worshippers and exploring how the Society might encourage them in their encounter with the spirituality of the Book of Common Prayer.

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