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‘How-to’ Videos

The videos on this page offer examples of the full range of 1662 Prayer Book Services. They include series one marriage and burial services.

For each service there is a narrated version, giving advice and directions and a version without, showing the service straight through.

The videos are based on Using the Book of Common Prayer: A Simple Guide by Paul Thomas (2012) published by Church House Publishing (ISBN: 9780715142769), available from our online shop.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Prayer Book Society.

Holy Communion without narration

Holy Communion narrated

Alternative Holy Communion Service (from the Prayer Book Society Conference)

Morning Prayer (Mattins) without narration

Morning Prayer narrated

Evensong without narration

Evensong narrated

Baptism without narration

Baptism narrated

Marriage without narration

Marriage narrated

Marriage Series 1 without narration

Marriage Series 1 narrated

Burial without narration

Burial narrated

Burial Series 1 without narration

Burial Series 1 narrated

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