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The Book of Common Prayer

The Prayer Book Society brings together those who value the Book of Common Prayer – to promote, celebrate, and study one of the most transformational Christian books after the Bible ever seen.

  • The Book of Common Prayer (also known as the BCP, or the Prayer Book) has shaped not only the Church of England but the hearts and minds of millions of Christians around the world.

  • It has been modified several times since its first issue in 1549, principally in 1662. Today it is used in over 50 countries and can be found in 150 languages.

  • The Prayer Book is much more than the sum of its parts. It has had an incalculably deep spiritual and cultural influence and it has touched individuals, families, and communities at the most important of moments, from generation to generation.

  • The Prayer Book Society (or PBS) has worked tirelessly for 50 years to keep the Prayer Book at the heart of the Church of England. The PBS is working towards its 2030 Vision: people of all ages finding life in Christ through a growing Prayer Book service in every benefice.

Find out more in the documents below  and join us today to support our work.

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