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Could you be a Benefactor of the Prayer Book Society?

Benefactors of the Society are members who generously help the Society financially through a gift of at least £500 a year. As a token of our appreciation, Benefactors receive a leather-bound copy of the Book of Common Prayer when they first sign up, plus an annual letter from our President, Lord Cormack, and an invitation to a reception or similar event. (Previous venues have included the House of Lords, the Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.)

Over the past few years, we at the Society have significantly expanded our activities, especially in relation to our work with clergy, ordinands and churches. This has left us with an ongoing deficit between our regular income (when legacies are excluded) and our regular expenditure, and the Benefactors scheme was introduced last year to give members an opportunity to help bridge that gap.  We currently have around twenty Benefactors and, while we realise that the majority of our members will not be in a position to become Benefactors, we are keen to welcome additions to their number.

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