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Cranmer Awards Entries

We hope that there’s a local heat for the Cranmer Awards near you. See the current list

If you are unable to attend a heat or if there’s no heat nearby you can now enter online.

Online entries

Here’s a video explaining what you need to record and the best way to do it.

Please note that the ‘demo’ featured in the video is just for guidance. Your entry must run the required three to five minutes in duration.

What the judges are looking for

  • Clarity and projection
  • Pace, use of pause and emphasis
  • Fluency and rhythm
  • Natural, intelligent communication of meaning 

Familiarise yourself sufficiently enough with your reading to make eye contact to engage the audience, therefore it would be beneficial to have an audience. Although the recording person could be close by, remember to project your voice to the back of the room.

Download some more helpful advice from the judges.

How to record your video

The video can be taken by camera or mobile phone and must be:

  • Landscape
  • Show you walking to the front of the room / audience
  • Show yourself from head to waist to see your body language.
  • You should not stand behind a desk or lectern
  • Show you composing yourself before reading your chosen passage(s)
  • Pause, to show you have finished, before walking out of view

Please only make one recording of your performance. Do not edit the recording in any way.

Upload your video to any online storage that can be accessed by others. e.g. YouTube, GDrive, iCloud, Dropbox or OneDrive etc. Then copy and paste the link to it in the form below. You should leave your video file online until advised that the heat has taken place.

Entries must be submitted no later than noon on Thursday 30 November. Winners will be announced online on Saturday 16 December.

Candidates chosen for the final will be asked to attend in person.

cranmer awards online application form

The Cranmer Awards RESOURCES

Cranmer Awards information booklet

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