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Kilmister Award from Salisbury stalwart

The Honourable Diana Makgill CVO has been awarded the Kilmister Award by the Prayer Book Society.

For over 30 years Diana, a retired member of the diplomatic corp, has been president of the Salisbury Branch of the PBS.

The nomination from the Salisbury branch committee simply stated that Diana is, “the heart and soul of our branch” and wanted the award to be made in recognition of all the work she has done over that long period.

At a ceremony in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace, Diana received her medal from Christine Kilmister, the widow of the late Tony Kilmister, after whom the prestigious award is named.

“You are one of the most gracious and delightful people that I’ve had the privilege to work with in the Prayer Book Society,” said Bradley Smith, Chairman on the PBS. “I am delighted that we can made this award in recognition for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for the life of our society,” he said.

In a brief reply, Diana thanked Mrs Kilmister and the committee for ‘this great honour’ and said she owed a huge amount the all the members of the Salisbury branch.

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