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PBS Pilgrimage Day 3

St George's Cathedral looks like an English church in the middle of Jerusalem. This morning, the local Anglican congregation made us extremely welcome at their Sunday celebration of Holy Communion. We sang many familiar English hymns, but were reminded where we were by the fact that parts of the service were in Arabic.
After the service, we listened to an inspiring talk about the life and work of the Diocese of Jerusalem, and the cathedral's commitment to youth work and ecumenical dialogue. As part of this commitment, the cathedral hosts a Prayer Book Evensong for all the different churches in Jerusalem. The former Archbishop of Jerusalem, Suhal Dahwani, greeted the PBS pilgrims before they left.
In the afternoon, pilgrims made a moving visit to the Yad Vashem Museum and Memorial to the Holocaust. Later in the day, some pilgrims returned to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where worship was being conducted in many different languages, somewhat reminiscent of the portion of scripture appointed by the Prayer Book for Whit Sunday (Acts 2.1-11).

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