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Statement from the Prayer Book Society

The letter addressed to the College of Bishops regarding the proposed liturgical resources, “Prayers of Love and Faith”

The Prayer Book Society holds no formal stance on the proposed liturgical resources, “Prayers of Love and Faith”.

The Society is a single-issue organisation which unites a wide range of people who cherish the Book of Common Prayer and its use in today’s Church.

Our vision and mission is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with the Prayer Book in such a way that they may be drawn deeper into the Christian faith. The officers and members of the Society hold a variety of opinions on many contemporary and liturgical issues.

A letter has recently been sent to the College of Bishops, expressing concerns about the legal and synodical processes for the authorisation of "Prayers of Love and Faith".

Without consultation with the Society’s trustees, the Society's Chairman signed the letter, without stipulating that reference to the Society should be omitted. The Chairman has expressed his regret at this oversight.

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